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We Are Web Design Experts

Armed with two decades of experience in Internet and web-related technology, we've been through it all: from the earliest web browsers of Mosaic and Lynx and Netscape and Internet Explorer, we've seen the trends, we've survived the first DotCom bubble, been amazed at the fledgling upstarts that have made billionaires out of Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. We've designed and built websites throughout the history of the web, adapting to the latest technology, enduring the fleeting buzzwords like Web 2.0 and DHTML and Ajax. We know our stuff, working with companies both large and small, helping them achieve and surpass their online goals.

Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

You'll hear a lot of promises out there. There are SEO companies lurking in the shadows, men and women of ill-repute, who will come knocking on your door with "guarantees" that they'll make you show up on the first page of search engines. They'll promise quick results using practices that Google, Bing and others have long since outlawed, blacklisting any site that chooses to adopt them. Go with your gut: if it's too good to be true, it probably is. High search engine rankings take time and careful planning using good, well-established and legitimate industry practices. We won't promise you the moon, but we will help you achieve your goals the right way.

Mobile and Tablet Web Design

The latest buzz-phrase, "Responsive Web Design," was coined by author Ethan Marcotte, who posts on the popular site, "A List Apart." The site focuses on web design best practices. Responsive Design is about building a website that is adaptable and viewable in multiple platforms, including PC's, tablets and mobile smartphones. It is a philosophy of establishing a single web presence that can be viewed from multiple devices, without the need to spend money building separate applications for mobile phones or tablets.